Classic Classified: 1982 DeLorean DMC-12

From: Cars & Parts
Date: April 1986
Price then: $18,000 ($39,500 adjusted for inflation, about the cost of a new 2016 Hyundai Genesis today)
Price now: $18,800 – $41,300
Approximate dollar difference: $1,800 (assuming No. 1 condition)
Annual rate of return: .1%

“Delorean 1982. 3,700 miles, 5-speed, like new. 5 year 50,000 mile warranty ending 1989. Stainless exterior, grey interior. $18,000” 

In April 1986, Back to the Future had been out for nine months and thus the DeLorean had already been transformed into the pop culture icon we know it as today. Until the movie, the DeLorean was a marginally sporty car at best that never quite caught on and was built by a company mired in controversy. As an investment, the DeLorean has performed about as well as its 0-60 time. If investment was the goal in 1986, then there is little to no return on investment given cost of ownership. If owning a really cool-looking car regardless of investment was the goal, then this was just fine.

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