This budget-destroying Corvette project is the 4×4 you definitely need

From Florida, the land of the Keys, palm trees, and retirees, comes this oddball work-in-progress, a 1990 C4 Corvette body atop a shortened Ford 4×4 chassis. Spotted on eBay by with just a day remaining, this truck-car hybrid has already met its reserve with a bid of just over $1100. Considering it needs new tires and currently rides on some massive 44-inchers, better budget at least twice that for new rubber. And that’s just a start.

It’s also only a roller, as the project is lacking an engine or transmission. The new owner could spend more than the purchase price just to swap in a powerplant and get it on the road and into the mud.

But it would be worth it for a 4×4 with diminished utility and a Corvette that would run a slalom like a rhinoceros on roller skates? Of course it would! Don’t you kind of want a 4×4 Corvette, at least a little bit? Admit it. This monstrosity is no dumber than a Lamborghini Urus and it would turn even more heads. 

Perhaps a new paint job with some high-contrast stripes, some Centerline wheels, KC Daylighters, and at least 16 shocks with neon boots to really nail that late-‘80s, early-‘90s magazine-cover vibe. Better throw on a pair of shocking pink steering stabilizers for good measure.

Since it’s already an amalgamation of Ford and Chevrolet, may we humbly suggest that the future owner consider a Mopar engine to make it a full-on Big Three scramble? A 426 Hemi, pretty please, with nitromethane on top.

OK, it’s a bit much to ask for a novelty car, but obviously, it got our imaginations racing. What are your thoughts? Build it, part it out, or just pass?

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