A hidden, 140-car collection is headed for auction

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VanDerBrink Auctions will offer nearly 140 classic cars from the Bob Regehr collection at a Kansas auction this October. Regehr, a successful businessman and avid fan of the ’32 Ford, passed away in 2019. He had made a goal of owning one of every ’32 Ford body style. While his collection has already been pared down a bit, it looks like he was successful in that endeavor, curating a large collection of American classics that few people were ever allowed to see. He also racked up an enviable collection of rare and NOS ’32 Ford parts, but his love of cars extended beyond the pre-war Ford classics. Just take a look at this short video.

In addition to the dozen or so 1932 Fords, we spotted a ’68 Camaro, a couple of Stingrays, a ’51 Ford, a hot-rodded ’36 Ford, a ’56 Corvette, and a ’58 Corvette. Fans of Tri-Five Chevys should have lots to choose from. Watch as the covers are pulled off several ’57 Bel Airs. You can also pick out a ’56 Nomad. Mopar fans have to keep their eyes open to catch a brief glimpse of a ’70 ‘Cuda in Limelight green behind a ’58 Impala. That’s about it for Mopar muscle. The bulk of the collection is Ford and GM, with Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac sheet metal all in attendance.

The live auction of the 140 or so cars will be held at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hitchinson, Kansas, on October 24. If you can’t make it in person, you can also bid online.

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