Watch this 1967 Mustang GT500 escape a barn and undergo an appraisal


Finding a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 in a barn is a rare situation. And if the current owner is willing to sell it, you’ve got the makings of a gearhead’s daydream. Let’s say this scenario happened in real life, however. Ever thought about what you’d do next? Youtube user Jerry Heasley recently uploaded a video documenting the process, and it is worth a watch.

Barn finds have been a popular talking point over the last decade or so. Heck, we even have our own Barn Find Hunter series in which Tom Cotter tracks down legendary finds. With that much popularity, you’d think all the good cars have been found. Heasley’s video proves that is not the case.

The story goes that Bob Folkestad got a call from a friend about a Shelby. Curious, Bob decided to do what all of us would do and go get it. In the interests of being fair to the widow who owns the car, Bob brought along Shelby expert Jeff Yergovitch to inspect, authenticate, and appraise the car before purchasing. At first glance,the car had a lot going for it, but as the inspection and appraisal went on, the news got a bit worse.

The car had been deteriorating on a dirt floor since 1980, and the added moisture ate at the undercarriage with impunity. With the car out of the barn and on a lift, the team could see the 428-cubic-inch engine block was plucked at some point, replaced by a 427 block, as noted by the screw-in freeze plugs and cross-bolted main bearing caps. The cylinder heads appeared original, but the air cleaner on top was a reproduction. Luckily the four-speed transmission was numbers-matching and the rear axle appeared correct, but it was rebuilt at some point. Bob’s offer: $65,000.

There were many original parts on the car and it was certainly worth saving; the next conflict is whether to restore the car, or get it driving and enjoy it while telling its story. What would you do with this newly rescued GT500? Tell us in the comments below.


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