Beautiful car art trades paint and paper for needle and thread

C for Cross Stitch

There are many ways to turn the contents of your garage (your car or bike, rather than old washing machines and misshapen bits of wood) into something you’d be pleased to hang on the wall. Painting, sketching, photography … digital art’s big these days too.

One approach you might not have considered, but a pair of enterprising and talented individuals by the handles Stitchy_Mumma and C for Craig can supply, is to have your automotive sculpture rendered with needle and thread. And if it sounds anachronistic, the results are actually rather beautiful.

C for Cross Stitch custom-creates the artworks so it’s not a quick process, but that’s to be expected. Your chosen vehicle, created from reference photos, is first replicated in pixel art (charming in its own right) and the results are ready for review within five working days.


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If you give it the green light, then stitching itself takes eight to ten hours—but with a volume of orders to work through, there’s around a two-week wait before stitching can actually begin.

The company’s website says each artwork is framed on a 10-inch square canvas, meaning the vehicle itself ends up around eight inches long. And looking at the example artworks, that seems like plenty—each piece includes a surprising amount of detail, from alloy wheels to racing stripes and light dancing across the paintwork.


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Best of all, you’re buying from gearheads; the red hot-rod pictured above is Craig’s own 1930 Ford Model A Coupe nicknamed Old Red. Other enthusiasts have already got their requests in early by the looks of things too, with a couple of Porsche 911s and even a Ferrari Breadvan making an appearance.

Far better than hanging up a cross-stitch of a country cottage, we’re sure you’ll agree.

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