Question of the Week: What’s your favorite supercar?

For as long as cars have been around, there has been someone claiming theirs is the best. While every manufacturer might strive to produce the best car it can, some marques reach to produce something that expands the bounds of performance as we know it. Supercars are cut from this cloth.

The pinnacle of performance is a fickle thing, with many models always jockeying for position and technology constantly advancing. A performance car that was truly ahead of its time? Turn the clock all the back to 1933 with Alfa Romeo bolting a supercharger to their 2.6-liter dual overhead cam straight-eight to create a package capable of 0-60 mph in fewer than seven seconds. When the majority of cars were puttering along, the 8C could put down a blistering 135 mph. The 8C also got an update in 1938 combining the performance of the supercharged engine with the gorgeous lines of a berlinetta body built by Touring coachwork.

Alfa’s 135 mph seems small when you consider that Volkswagen makes a Golf that is electronically limited to 155. One of our members took his Koenigsegg Agera RS out to the Nevada desert and reset the production car top speed mark with a remarkable 277.87-mph straight-line run. Given that the car’s limits far exceed what a driver could use on the street, it’s perhaps even more astounding that the car is reputed to be reasonably docile when you’re not spanking it. That dual-purpose usage is now the benchmark for expectations when building these modern marvels.

Early supercars were a much more focused design, requiring a talented driver to take the wheel for the car to reach even close to its full potential.

So we ask for your opinion: What’s your favorite supercar from history, and why?

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