Readers weigh in on holiday gift ideas


We asked for your thoughts on the best automotive gifts for the holidays, and readers responded. Below are some tips from readers on gift ideas for the car guys and gals in your life. Add your own thoughts in the comments section below.

1. Tools: Car collectors always want to keep their vehicles in top conditions, and specialty tools make a great gift.

“The best Christmas gift I have received for my collector car was a complete tool kit and box to take with me to car shows … It has come in handy a few times and is much easier than putting together a kit on my own.”

2. Gear: Embroidered clothing featuring a favorite logo or emblem makes a great gift for stylish car enthusiasts who want to wear their passions on their sleeve, literally. Check out individual marque Web sites for ideas.

“ I own a C-5 Corvette convertible. When I retired as a judge, at my retirement banquet my colleagues gave me a leather jacket with the C-5 logo embroidered on the back. This was a surprising gift considering how staid judges are.”

“My best automotive Christmas present was a white sweatshirt from my oldest daughter with my turquoise 1960 Nomad cross-stitched on the front.”

3. Memberships: A paid membership to the club of choice for the car guy or gal in your life can make a great gift.

“I gave my husband a lifetime membership to National Street Rod Association. He gets discount registration fees to their events and enjoys reading the monthly street scene magazine. We are still active street rodders.”

4. Or try something completely unexpected.

“The best gift I received for Christmas was a rear end custom made for my 1964 Comet. It was a surprise because the shop was working on the proto type and I didn’t know that they were going to install it so we could drive the Comet to a local Ford car gathering.”

“I stored my ’86 Pontiac 2M4 Fiero in my dad’s garage while I lived in Japan for several years. While I was gone he took it to the dealer and had them return it to factory showroom floor condition! So now I have a brand new Fiero that we trailer to car shows – often winning best original class.”

5. Gadgets: Car guys and gals love gadgets. Try something like a talking tire pressure gauge. Available at Griot’s Garage.

6. Gift cards: Still not sure what to get? Gift cards will let the car collector in your life pick out exactly what he or she wants. Oil change facilities, auto detailing shops and auto supply stores are some places to start.

7. Go traditional: One reader took issue with our disparaging comments about fruitcakes.

“You guys are crazy! I happen to be from the age when fruitcake was full of fruit, lots of nuts, and soaked in rum. To me, there is nothing better than a good old fashioned moist fruitcake. If any of those car buffs receive one and don’t want it, pass it on. This “Car Nut” will enjoy it even at the vintage races! “

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