Question of the Week: What project did you finish over the winter?

With cold-weather states beginning to show signs of spring (finally), it’s time to wrap up those winter projects and get those cars back on the road.

Most classic cars get tucked away safely for the winter, and many owners take advantage of that down time to complete large and small projects on their cars. Only then can our cars be enjoyed to their maximum during the driving season—not many owners are enthused about the thought of their car languishing on jack stands during perfect driving weather. Owners and mechanics have been toiling over greasy engine overhauls and tedious convertible top installs with the hope that when spring breaks, the car will be ready.

Cars and Coffee and weekend shows are ramping up and bringing owners back together to talk all things automotive, even if they weren’t wrenching away all winter long. These events are great ways to talk to owners of similar cars who can possibly help your project along even if you don’t have it up and running yet.

Well, the time is here and we want to hear from you. What was you winter project?  More importantly, did you get it done in time?

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