You hated Lumbergh already, and now his Porsche 911 is worth a boatload more


The minutiae of TPS reports and the sad corporate culture of Initech made their way into mainstream culture with the 1999 cult classic Office Space. It’s been 20 years now since the movie premiered, The Mike Judge satire film about cubicle life and the struggle against corporate overlords resonated with a wide swath of the working public, but if one character struck a particular chord, it was the oh-so punchable boss, Bill Lumbergh.

Played by Gary Cole, Lumbergh was even more despicable because he enjoyed a 1982 Porsche 911SC—likely the envy of his Tercel-driving minions. The Minerva Blue coupe underscores that salary disparity, although there is some karmic justice when protagonist Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) takes the boss’ parking spot. Lumbergh, of course, parks in a handicap spot and a tow company rips the rear bumper off.

Porsche being towed
20th Century Fox

After a fire consumes the office (oops), we can safely conclude Lumbergh weathered similar difficulties like others at Initech. If he had to find new work, perhaps he sold his damaged Porsche to help cover the gap before he could get a new gig shuffling TPS reports.

What if he would have kept it, though?

We don’t get an up-close look at the 911SC, but from the little we do see, we can gather that it included the “M473” option that included the front and rear spoilers. The air-cooled Porsche market was yet to heat up in 1999 when the movie debuted. Since then, many 911 models have seen stratospheric growth. Two decades ago an ‘82 911SC would have had a value of $15,500 (once the bumper was fixed). Now that same car would bring $58,700 in excellent condition. Not enough to retire on, but quite a favorable return on investment over 20 years.

So.. Yeah.. If you could just come in on Saturday, maybe you could buy one of your own. “MY PRSHE” license plate (and fully-deserved punch in the face) sold separately.

“MY PRSHE” license plate in Office Space
20th Century Fox


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