Holiday Gift Ideas

Still searching for that perfect gift for the car enthusiast in your life? We’ve compiled a list of some neat gifts that we think are tops this year. Want a little something for yourself? Hey, why not? There’s plenty of websites to sift through to find anything from brake rotor magnets to vintage-style stereos. You’ll also find more selections in Protection on Wheels, which will be in your mailbox soon.

Shop Stools
These stools come with all kinds of car logos and are a very popular item. Stools are 30 inches high counter stools (with or without backs). Prices start at $89.95. By Garden of Speedin’,

Heated Lumbar Support
If you need a little warmth for your drive, look at this! It’s a heated leather-covered lumbar support that’s also adjustable. The unit plugs into a cigarette lighter. Price: $99.99. Go to and see what’s new.

Starter Car Care Kit
Winter is a great time for cleaning and detailing. Kit includes car wash and wheel cleaner, paint cleaning clay, Best of Show wax, Speed Shine, and Vinyl and Rubber Dressing. $59.99. Visit

Mini Toolbox
Organize your desk and clean up the clutter. The mini toolbox is constructed of heavy duty steel and is bent and spot-welded to create an authentic replica of a professional toolbox. Price: $34.95. Visit

Vintage-Style Car Stereos
Check out these new stereos that look like your old radio but have AM/FM, cassette players or are CD changer ready. Stereos come in many styles and features that fit into hundreds of cars and trucks without any dash modification. Price varies. There are plenty of other collectibles at Garden of Speedin’. Visit

Vintage Signs
Original vintage gas pumps, signs and clocks are only a few of the vintage items Fill-er-up lists. Dad’s Garage sign can be purchased with or without the clock. Price: $169 with clock; $139 without. Go to to see what else is offered.

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