Hagerty Magazine: Behind the Issue Sept/Oct 2019


We had a fun summer preparing the September/October issue of Hagerty magazine, which features a trip to Normandy in a 1944 Willys jeep for the 75th anniversary of the D-day invasion, a hunt for interesting cars for $5000, a romp along the Hudson River in three roadsters that all have Lotus in common, and a deep dive into how best to find parts for your old car. We also take a first look at the new, mid-engine Corvette and have a last look at the career of Lee Iacocca, the man who brought us the Mustang.

The 75th Anniversary of D-day (page 60)

The 75th Anniversary of D-day
Amy Shore

Staff writer Aaron Robinson, a student of WWII history and a past participant in D-day anniversary celebrations in Normandy, sourced a Willys MB jeep in England for this evocative story that commemorates this year’s 75th anniversary of the Allied invasion of France. Aaron and his wife ferried the jeep across the English Channel and joined thousands of British, French, Canadian, and American military-history enthusiasts who’d gathered on the northern shores of France to pay homage to the heroism of the Allied troops who landed there in June 1944. We hired British photographer Amy Shore to accompany the Robinsons because her particular style of vintage automotive and historic photos seemed the right fit. The cover image she shot evokes a powerful emotional response. When we put that cover up on the wall of our editorial offices, everyone stopped and stared, including the workers renovating our office. As for the Willys? It’s now in the permanent car collection of Hagerty, in Traverse City, Michigan.

The $5K Challenge (page 39)

The $5K Challenge
Cameron Neveu

The idea for this story came about during a water-cooler discussion in which staffer Aaron Robinson claimed, with righteous indignation, that there are no good, interesting cars anymore for less than five thousand dollars. Many of us disagreed with him and thus the $5K Challenge was born. We sent seven Hagerty employees and friends out on the hunt and allowed Aaron to render his judgment on their finds. Everyone loves a cool car for a bargain, of course, and we look forward to hearing your opinions about these seven cars, too.

The Lotus Legacy (page 74)

The Lotus Legacy
DW Burnett

The Tesla roadster is now over a decade old and has become a collector car in its own right. It would not exist without Lotus, which provided the donor Elise which Tesla founder Elon Musk used to build his roadster. This got us thinking about other great cars that were inspired by the genius of Colin Chapman, the founder of Lotus, including the first-generation Mazda Miata, which harkens to the Lotus Elan; and the Caterham Seven, a direct descendant of the original Lotus 7. With the kind assistance of three HDC member-owners, we gathered the cars for a couple days of driving and photography in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Member Stories (page 30)

Member Stories Boats and Bikes
Seth DeDoes

Hagerty Members continue to impress us with the cool cars and interesting stories about them they send our way. In the lead story, Hagerty Member (and contributing writer) John L. Stein finds a way to cover both vintage boats AND motorcycles in one adventure.

Mid-Engine Corvette (page 114)

Mid-Engine Corvette

The first Vette with the engine positioned behind the driver. Oh, boy. It’s been rumored for decades. We were there for Chevy’s splashy unveiling in July in Southern California, and we cannot wait to drive this beauty later this year. Check out our far more extensive on-line coverage.

Toyota Supra (page 120)

Toyota Supra

We sent Hagerty Member Matt Stevens, who loaned us his pristine 1994 Toyota Supra hardtop for our 2018 Bull Market story, to drive the car he and other Supra owners have been anxiously awaiting for years. Matt was one of the first people in the world to drive the Supra, via the very rich experience of attending the press launch, and we benefited from his particular expertise with the Supra.

How to Find Good Parts (page 100)

How to Find Good Parts
Stefan Lombard

This special, expanded edition of Rob Siegel’s “Wrenching Thoughts” column helps readers navigate the tricky issue of finding parts for their older cars. There is not a one-size-fits all recipe, so Siegel explains with clarity and detail the differences between OE and OEM and how to get the best out of the aftermarket.

Porsche 911 Engine (page 90)

Porsche 911 Engine
Josh Scott

Covering the 911’s boxer engine is a bit like writing about D-day. This engine is hallowed ground. Accuracy is a must as are the nitty gritty details. In our continued “Epic Engines” series, we try to explain the history and technology behind the engines so the less informed can understand why we love a particular motor and perhaps learn a few things.

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