The Hagerty Carcierge can answer your automotive questions

Curious about the original price of your 1953 Buick? Searching for a period-correct radio for your ’62 Pontiac? Can’t find an elusive part for your 1955 Citroën 2CV? Have no fear, the Hagerty Carcierge is here.

The Carcierge is an automotive version of a hotel concierge. Need something and can’t find it yourself? We’re here to help.

The Hagerty Carcierge can:

  • Help source parts by sending lists of vendors/specialty salvage yards. The lists are broken down by make, part type, part, and car year/era, along with the region they can be found—and that includes Canada. [This is our most common request.]
  • Respond to queries about a car’s specifications when new—even pre-war—including engine, weight, and original prices. Hagerty’s extensive library of automotive books includes Hollander interchange manuals (post-war through about 1970), so owners can learn things like whether a windshield from one GM car might fit another.
  • Answer queries that fall outside our Hagerty Valuation Tool because valuation experts are on site.
  • Provide a list of restoration and repair shops, some of which have mechanics on staff.
  • Provide a list of shops that rebuild radios, perform chrome work, and work on woody vehicles.
  • Help owners who have lost a title or purchased a car on a bill of sale.
  • Provide a list of shipping companies, experts on importing or exporting cars, and links to thousands of car brochures online [a man in Norway has scanned thousands of brochures and freely shares; you just need to know where to find them online.]

However, the Hagerty Carcierge cannot:

  • Assist you in buying or selling a vehicle. [We can offer suggestions about where to look for help if you’re in the market to buy or sell.]
  • Access information about prior ownership or the history of your car; the DMV no longer shares this info.
  • Offer advice about whether you should hot rod your car or leave it stock.
  • Provide investment advice.
  • Tell you how many examples of a particular car exist, since in most cases we have no way of knowing for sure.

With that said, we’ll do our very best to answer any automotive question you may have and let you down easy when the answer is impossible to find, like in this instance [true story]: “Can you help me find all of the previous owners of my Model T?”

The Hagerty Carcierge is available to all Hagerty Drivers Club members. Not a member? What are you waiting for? In addition to having access to Hagerty experts, HDC members receive product discounts from Griot’s Garage, SCCA, Skip Barber Racing School, California Car Cover, and DriveShare.

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    need help in putting in new axle and green bearings. with the wheels on cannot turn the wheels are locked what do I do to release wheels, the book says to raise wheels off ground and run car at 40 mph for 10 minunets and stop and change oil need help

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