What would you do if you saw an empty garage one morning, and found out your car had been carnapped?

Car Covered: 1966 Pontiac LeMans

What Went Wrong: The car was snug in the garage and the door was closed using a remote. The next morning, the door was open and the classic was missing. A woman called offering the car’s location for $2,000. The insured obtained the caller’s name and number to respond about the “ransom.” He then called the police, and the LeMans was recovered.

Damage: Scratches all over the car. The ignition lock and accelerator were damaged and the stereo had been ripped out. Total cost of claim: $5,585.10.

Cause: The garage door showed no evidence of tampering, but the door was opened by the thief.

Network Tips:

  • Garage door remotes can be imitated, especially older ones.
  • Newer openers have “lock” functions and “rolling code” technology, making it hard to activate the door without its opener.
  • When having your cars serviced, remove the opener so it can’t be copied to another remote.


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