Piston Slap: Repair manuals for restoring the Roaring Twenties?

Robert (OP)

Robert writes:

I have just finished restoring my 1926 Dodge (pictured), and I’m starting to work on a very rusted-up 1927 Chrysler. Where do I get a Mechanic’s Instruction Manual for the ’27?

The information in the reprinted 1914–1927 Dodge & Graham Bros. Repair Shop Manual that I used for the Dodge looks to be somewhat similar, which is OK, but I was hopeful that a manual for the 1927 Chrysler was easily available. If you find a manual that may be useful, please let me know.

Sajeev answers:

Since you already have the Dodge/Graham repair manual, your best bet is two-fold: join the WPC club, and periodically check this eBay link for 1927 Chrysler print material. While eBay has no perfect match, there are a few titles that might assist you in the restoration. Feel free to paste these titles in an eBay search; odds are the auctions are still running after this gets published:

  1. 1924–1933 Chrysler Master Parts Book
  2. 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 Chrysler Wiring Diagrams
  3. 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 Chrysler Interchange Manual
  4. 1931–1938 Chilton Original Flat Rate & Tune-Up Manual

It’s unfortunate that none of these are “repair manuals,” by our modern definition, but the steps/tasks to repair components on a pre-war vehicle are somewhat universal (i.e. just like how your Dodge book overlaps). Perhaps all four of the above are worth buying, but I suspect nos. 1, 2, and especially 4 are gonna get your Chrysler up and running like a champ.

To be honest, I might bid on one of those Chilton manuals just to add it to my library! That said, I’ve never had to work on anything older than mid-century iron, so perhaps someone else has further insight?

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