1900 Eckhart Spring Buggy

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Exterior ColorBlack, red, and cream
Interior ColorGreen

The Eckhart Carriage Company had its humble beginnings in the parlor at the family home on East Seventh Street in Auburn. The first buggy that led to success for the family was built by Frank Eckhart in the parlor that was converted to a shop. The business soon outgrew the parlor and one-by-one additions to the house’s five acre lot were added. The Eckhart Carriage Company was incorporated in 1885. Two years later Frank went on the road selling products to wholesalers in midwestern states. The business continued to grow and provided the basis for the formation of the Auburn Automobile Company. Both this buggy and the 1904 Auburn were produced in the same factory depicted in the mural behind the vehicles.

Spring buggy, two-seater, with a 64-inch wheelbase.

Paint and exterior

Red panel details on sides and back

Upholstery and interior


Auburn_Cord_Duesenberg_Automobile_Museum's Garage

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