1927 Duesenberg Model X

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EngineStraight-8, 260 cubic-inch, 100 HP
Body StyleDual Cowl Phaeton
Exterior ColorOld Ivory and Painter's Green
Interior ColorGreen leather

This Duesenberg Model X is one of 13 chassis that were built, of which only five received a finished body. This phaeton coachwork was built by Locke & Co. of New York, which also built bodies for Chrysler and Lincoln. Two phaetons were thought to be built, and this is the only remaining example. It is thought that this Duesenberg made appearances at various auto shows in 1928 in order to keep the Duesenberg name in the public eye before the release of the mighty Duesenberg Model J. It became part of the Harrah’s Automobile Collection in 1964 where the Old Ivory and Painter’s Green paint was restored. All Model X engines utilized a re-worked Duesenberg Model A engine, relocating the water pump, generator, and manifolds to increase horsepower from 88 to 100. The wheelbase measures 135 inches.

Paint and exterior

Restored by Harrah's to its original paint scheme


Original Engine: Yes

Single overhead cam


Four-wheel hydraulic brakes

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