1909 McIntyre Model 251

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EngineTwo-cylinder, 90 cubic-inches, 20 HP
Body StyleLight Duty Truck
Exterior ColorBlack, with red wheels
Interior ColorBlack wood

This is a model 251 light duty vehicle which has a capacity of 1,200 pounds. It is typical of the light duty highwheel trucks that McIntyre produced. It is the only known surviving example of its type. The vehicle suffered extensive damage in a 1993 fire. The heat was so intense that the valve springs melted. The volunteer maintenance team, working with staff members and a carriage restorer, completely restored the vehicle. The members of the team included John Rosener, Gary Vick, Paul Casebere, Bob Butler and Chris Graham. In 1995 the truck was driven into the Museum, a true testimony to the skill of those working on the project. The model 251 has a wheelbase of 86 inches and cost $800 new.


Original Engine: Yes

Horizontally opposed, air-cooled

Wheels and tires

Wood highwheeler, solid rubber tires

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