1909 McIntyre Highwheel

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EngineVertical offset4, 140 cubic-inches, 30HP
Body StyleTouring
Exterior ColorRed with black trim
Interior ColorBlack pleated leather seats

The W. H. McIntyre Company offered a complete line of highwheel vehicles that found favor with the rural motorists of the time. The company built two- and four-cylinder models in nine different body styles. This vehicle is unique among the group of highwheel vehicles that are part of this gallery. It is a full-size touring car on a long wheelbase with carriage-sized high wheels. This configuration makes for a large turning radius and some interesting steering. It also has a four-cylinder air-cooled engine instead of the usual two-cylinder engine. This is a very early production model that was built shortly after W. H. McIntyre bought out the W. H. Kiblinger Company. A very large vehicle for its time, this high-wheeled McIntyre has a wheelbase of 112 inches and cost $850.


Original Engine: No

Air-cooled, individually cast cylinders

Wheels and tires

Wood highwheels


Rear wheel mechanical

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