1909 Mitchell Model K

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Engine4-cylinder, 255 ci., 30 horsepower
Exterior ColorGrey, black
Interior ColorRed pleated leather

The Mitchell Motor Car Company started in 1904 in Racine, Wisconsin, with experimental models built in 1903. It was amongst the earliest car companies to build four-cylinder engines starting in 1907 and offered six-cylinder engines in 1910. The Mitchell was a regional competitor to the Auburn Automobile Company with similar build quality, engine output, and high-end price-range. Production of Mitchells in 1909 was 2,946 automobiles, and the 1909 line included the 20 horsepower Model J two-passenger runabout, the 30 horsepower Model K touring, and the 40 horsepower Model L, available in 7-passenger touring and 5-passenger limousine bodies. The earliest Mitchells are the rarest, with this Model K touring car being one of just four known to exist. The Mitchell Motor Car Company filed for bankruptcy in 1923 and was sold to the Nash Motors Company of Kenosha, Wisconsin.


Original Engine: Yes

Made by Mitchell, each cylinder individually cast

Wheels and tires

32x4 highwheel, pneumatic tires


Rear-wheel mechanical brakes


Unsynchronized, cone clutch

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