2002 Ford Thunderbird

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EngineV-8, 240 cubic-inches, 252 HP
Body StyleRoadster
Exterior ColorBlack
Interior ColorBlack and red

Unveiled at the 1999 Detroit Auto Show, the eleventh generation Ford Thunderbird was sculpted to re-introduce the flair and style of the original two-seater of 1955. Ford Motor Company took advantage of retro-styling then entering into the mainstream with many car manufactures, such as the Volkswagen Beetle. From its chrome grill, the understated fender louvers to its rounded taillights, the introduction included many cues to the first and most desired of the Thunderbirds. With this cars Evening Black exterior and Torch Red accented interior, it was designed to present class and refinement. Ultimately this was to be the last Thunderbird. The sales for the introduction year of 2002 fell short of expectations, which continued to fall until the end of its production. In 2006 the Thunderbird did not return to the Ford car lineup.

The wheelbase is 107.2-inches. Weighs 3,746 lbs. Has a 5-speed transmission, the first to enter production on an American passenger car.

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