1908 Zimmerman Model G

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Engine2-cylinder, 127 cubic-inches, 14 HP
Exterior ColorRed
Interior ColorBlack

The Zimmerman was one of the more elegant motor buggies, its two-cylinder engine placed under a gracefully curved hood. The highwheelers were very popular in the early years of the automobile industry. They found favor with rural customers who needed vehicles that could withstand the rough and rutted roads of the period. The general configuration of the highwheeler was that of a buggy with an engine. It was a little coincidence that many of the highwheeler builders, including Zimmerman, had been in the carriage industry prior to manufacturing automobiles. This Zimmerman was the first automobile to be donated to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum.

The wheelbase of this two-passenger highwheeler measures 80 inches and it weighs 1,250 lbs.

Paint and exterior

Brass details

Upholstery and interior

Pleated leather


Horizontally opposed, air-cooled.

Auburn_Cord_Duesenberg_Automobile_Museum's Garage

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