1908 McIntyre 251

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Engine2 cylinder, 90 cubic-inch, 18 HP
Body StyleAutobuggy
Exterior ColorBlack and red
Interior ColorBlack

This McIntyre vehicle was known as the Autobuggy and is a fine example of the range of vehicles that the McIntyre Company was producing. The Autobuggy is a combination passenger car and commercial car. The chassis configuration is very similar to the McIntyre model 251 truck. The Autobuggy’s rear seat is removable and the rear section has a tailgate on it. With the seat removed and the gate in use, one would have a commercial truck with a 1,200 pound carrying capacity. As the automobile developed, manufacturers who had built high wheelers and cyclecars were not taken seriously as builders of conventional cars. The W.H. McIntyre Company was in receivership by January of 1915.

Paint and exterior

Brass details

Upholstery and interior

Black leather and black rubber flooring


Original Engine: Yes

Horizontally-opposed air-cooled

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