1931 Cord L-29

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Enginein-line 8, 125 HP
Body StyleSpeedster
Exterior ColorYellow and orange
Interior ColorOrange

This Cord L-29 is an authentic recreation of the 1931 Cord speedster used at the Paris and New York Automobile shows. The Auburn Automobile Company needed to show the artistic flare of the Cord automobile, so they created the Cord speedster. Show cars have two main aims, to encourage brand awareness of an automaker and to exhibit their creativity and innovation, both mechanically and in styling. The Cord speedster did both. It showcased a unique front-wheel-drive system, bright exterior colors and a speedster tail. The 1931 Cord speedster was conceptually styled by Phillip O. Wright. The fate of the original Wright designed speedster is unknown.

The wheelbase is 138 inches and it weights 4,000 lbs.

Upholstery and interior


Auburn_Cord_Duesenberg_Automobile_Museum's Garage

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