1926 Duesenberg Model A

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EngineStraight-8, 260 cubic-inches, 90 HP
Body StyleChassis
Exterior ColorSilver

Following war production and racing success, Duesenberg founded the Duesenberg Automobile and Motors Company and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. Production of the Duesenberg Straight 8, later renamed as the Model A, began in 1921. They included several industry firsts for passenger cars born from their racing successes, including 4-wheel hydraulic brakes and single overhead camshaft straight-eight cylinder engine. Duesenberg built running chassis which were later fitted with custom body styles from some of the leading coachbuilding firms such as Fleetwood and Millspaugh & Irish. This chassis features the long wheelbase of 141 inches, typically reserved for 7-passenger sedan or limousine bodies. Due to production and financial issues, approximately 650 Duesenberg Model A’s were built. Duesenberg Model A prices when new ranged from $5,450 to $8,300.


Original Engine: Yes

Single overhead cam


Four-wheel hydraulic brakes

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