1930 Duesenberg Model J

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EngineStraight-8, 420 cubic-inches, 265 HP
Body StyleConvertible Sedan
Exterior ColorTwo-tone Green
Interior ColorGreen leather

This stunning Duesenberg was restored by C.W. “Bill” Bocock, who was an inventor and engineer. Mr. Bocock purchased his first Aburn in the 1930s while in high school. This started his life-long passion for Auburns, Cords and Duesenbergs, which he and his wife, Martha, collected exclusively. This vehicle was the pride and joy of Bill and Martha. After restoring this car, the couple exhibited and toured with it for more than thirty years. “It always stood out at shows like a jewel,” said Mrs. Bocock. Not only is this beautiful car the story of its restoration, ownership and donation to the Museum is a significant one. The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club present annually the “Bill Bocock Owner Restoration Award” to a club member was has performed his own restoration of an Auburn, Cord or Duesenberg. The Murphy Convertible Sedan was one of the most popular and stylish bodies built by the Murphy Company for a Duesenberg chassis.


Four-wheel hydraulic brakes with vacuum booster

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