1935 Chrysler Airflow

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EngineIn-line 8, 324 cubic-inches, 130 HP
Body StyleSedan
Exterior ColorBlack
Interior ColorTan

In 1934, Chrysler introduced the streamlined Airflow, a radical design that was years ahead of its time. Chrysler engineers wanted to achieve a more aerodynamically efficient automobile. So, along with the help of Orville Wright, they came up with a series of designs. The final product was the Airflow. These cars were of unibody construction and boasted a near 50/50 weight distribution. However, Chrysler’s bold move was made during the height of the Great Depression, and sales dwindled. The 1935 Chrysler Airflow Imperial C2 sedan was one of the more popular models with a production run of 2,398 vehicles for the four-door sedan. This Chrysler Airflow has been driven nearly 250,000 miles. The wheelbase is 128 inches and it weights 3,998 lbs.

Upholstery and interior

Pleated cloth

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