1923 Stutz Speedway Four

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Engine4 cylinder, 365 cubic-inches, 88 HP
Body StyleRoadster
Exterior ColorRed and black
Interior ColorBlack

With growing profits in the years following World War I, the Stutz Motor Car Co. of Indianapolis, Indiana, was in a good position to push sales. But, by 1921, the automobile industry was in decline and Stutz needed to rouse the demand for their automobiles. One method was the implementation of a new 4-cylinder T-head D-H engine for their 1921 cars. Stutz produced automobiles with both right-hand and left-hand drive. This 1923 Stutz has a KLDH engine designation, with the “K” indicating the series of automobiles and the “L” meaning left-hand drive. In 1922, Stutz’s D-H engine featured a detachable head and dual ignition systems, both innovative features for T-head engines. They were able to produce 88 horsepower, more than the engines in Cadillac and Packard automobiles. The Stutz was capable of speeds up to 80 miles-per-hour. However, low production forced Stutz to move past their four-cylinder offerings. This fully restored Stutz Speedway Four is one of only a handful known to remain.

Upholstery and interior

Pleated leather


KLDH, removable T-head, four valves per cylinder

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