1915 Studebaker Model SD

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Engine4-cylinder, 192 cubic-inches, 30 HP
Body StyleTouring
Exterior ColorMaroon and black
Interior ColorBlack leather

In 1915 Studebakers were manufactured in Detroit by the Studebaker Corporation. The body for this car was made in South Bend and shipped to Detroit for final assembly. No closed cars were offered by Studebaker in 1915. The four-cylinder cars were offered in roadster and touring car form, such as the one shown here. Note the gasoline filler cap located at the right hand of the instrument panel. This seems like an odd location, but in 1915, cars were often filled from gas cans. This location made for easy filling without having to reach over the cowl. This car has a 108-inch wheelbase and originally sold for $985. Total production of four-cylinder Studebakers in 1915 was 24,869. Only a handful of Studebakers from this era have survived.




Rear-wheel mechanical brakes

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