1948 Tasco Prototype

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EngineV-8, 239 cubic-inches, 150 HP
Exterior ColorGray
Interior ColorRed

A group of investors wanted to build a suitable American sports car for a European type racing event to be held at Watkins Glen, New York. Gordon Buehrig was part of the group of investors, and also performed the design work. He oversaw the production of this single prototype vehicle. The aluminum body was built by the Derham Body Company of Rosemont, Pennsylvania. It was the first car in the world with a T-top roof, an idea that Gordon Buehrig patented. He later sued General Motors for infringement when the 1968 Corvette came out with a T-top roof. The front fenders are made of fiberglass and the roof panels are plexi-glas. The name Tasco stands for The American Sports Car Company. The original development and production cost for this car was $57, 000. It was hoped that the production version would sell in the $7,500 range.

Upholstery and interior

Red leather, door panels, carpeting


Modified Mercury, with conversion Ardun heads

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