1917 Auburn 6-39

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EngineTeetor-Hartley4, 230 cubic-inches, 39 HP
Body StyleTouring
Exterior ColorMaroon and black
Interior ColorBlack

The model 6-39 was a new introduction for the 1917 model year. Auburn turned to the Teetor-Hartley Motor Company for its six-cylinder engine for this new model. The 6-39 Auburn featured a new chassis with a tapered frame, which allowed the springs to be underslung. This configuration gave the car a lower look than its predecessors. With plenty of room for five passengers, this touring car was quite suitable for family use. Auburn sales declined as prices rose due to an increase in material costs. The total of 1917 production was 2,307 vehicles. This total represented a decline of more than 300 cars compared to 1916. This was the first Auburn to be donated to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum.

The wheelbase of this vehicle is 120 inches and the car weighs 2,900 lbs.

Upholstery and interior

Pleated leather



Auburn_Cord_Duesenberg_Automobile_Museum's Garage

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