1934 Duesenberg J

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EngineStraight 8, 420 cubic-inch, 265 HP
Body StyleDual-Cowl Phaeton
Exterior ColorTan and brown
Interior ColorTan and brown

During restoration, this LaGrande Phaeton body style was closely copied from the popular LeBaron Dual-Cowl Phaeton. LaGrande was Duesenberg's in-house styling studio, contracting with coachbuilders to construct the bodies. Exterior paint and interiors were finished at the Duesenberg factory. The LaGrande Phaeton was designed by Duesenberg Inc.’s in-house stylist, Gordon Buehrig. Buehrig made several proportional changes to the LeBaron design which including narrowing the rear of the body to allow the top, when folded, to sit parallel with the beltline. Note the dual windshields mounted on the cowlings. The rear windshield protected the passengers from the wind and also folded forward. The wheelbase is the long wheelbase version at 153.5 inches. As new, this Duesenberg cost $14,750.

Paint and exterior

This version of exterior with the "sweep" curve at the front doors is known as the "sweep panel".

Upholstery and interior

Tan pleated leather and interior door panels with brown carpeting


Original Engine: Yes



Four-wheel hydraulic brakes with booster

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