1913 Imp Cyclecar

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Engine2-cylinder Vee, 70 cubic-inches, 15 HP
Exterior ColorYellow
Interior ColorBlack

The Imp Cyclecar is one of the more unique of the Auburn-built vehicles. In the period of 1913-1915 there was a cyclecar craze in the United States. Many manufacturers offered light weight, belt driven vehicles with motorcycle-like engines. Cyclecars provided a relatively inexpensive and fun way to own an automobile. As his first automobile venture, William B. Stout, who later built the Ford Tri-Motor airplane and the Stout Scarab, designed the Imp and sold the idea to the McIntyre Company. The W. H. McIntyre Company set up a new division, the Imp Cyclecar Company. The Imp was produced only in 1913 and 1914.

The wheelbase of this two-passenger cyclecar measures 100 inches.

Upholstery and interior




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