1907 Kiblinger Model D

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Engine2-cylinder, 100 cubic-inches, 10 HP
Exterior ColorBlack and tan
Interior ColorBlack

This original runabout was purchased by Henry Ford in 1930 for the Henry Ford Museum Collection. The owner, Mr. C. R. Saunders of Grass Creek, Indiana, originally offered the vehicle for $500 to the Museum. The Vehicle was in very good original condition and was in running order. After several months of negotiation, Mr. Saunders sold the vehicle for $25 plus freight charges. Thankfully, the car was preserved by the Henry Ford Museum and remains in excellent original condition. The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum purchased the vehicle from the Henry Ford Museum in 1978. The wheelbase of this two-passenger high wheeler measures 65 inches. Steering is achieved through the use of the tiller bar instead of a steering wheel. Weighs 690 lbs.

Upholstery and interior

Pleated leather


Horizontally opposed air-cooled.


Chain driven

Auburn_Cord_Duesenberg_Automobile_Museum's Garage

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