1910 Auburn S

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EngineRutenber 4, 318 cubic-inches, 40 HP
Body StyleRoadster
Exterior ColorDark Blue
Interior ColorBlack

The Model S Roadster was part of the 40 series cars, the largest line that Auburn produced in 1910. Although there was still enough demand for two-cylinder vehicles that production of them continued, the emphasis was placed on four-cylinder models. Four-cylinder Auburns were built in two series in 1910: the leader Model B touring car and the 40 series, which offered a roadster, baby tonneau, and a touring car. The total United States automobile production rose to 181,000 vehicles for 1910. Of this total amount, 1,365 were Auburns. This was a comfortable increase for the growing automobile company. This racy-looking Auburn was typical of the vehicles upon which Auburn was building its solid reputation. This particular roadster features a “mother-in-law” seat.

The wheelbase is 11 inches. Weighs 2,400 lbs.

Paint and exterior

Brass details

Upholstery and interior

Pleated leather

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