1929 Cord L-29 Brougham

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Engine8 in-line, 299 cubic-inch, 125 HP
Exterior ColorBrown
Interior ColorTan

The Cord L-29 was the first mass-produced front-wheel drive American automobile and was built right here in Auburn. As an original example, this car is an important historical artifact documenting the way in which Cords were produced. This vehicle was built in July of 1929, which was the first full month of L-29 production. It is perhaps the earliest surviving, unrestored example of an L-29. During the production run, many recalls, changes and updates were made on the L-29, such as changing the size of the wheel spokes and moving the battery to the side of the vehicle from under the hood. None of these changes were performed on this vehicle, which makes it a great example of the initial production run of Cords. The wheelbase is 137.5 inches. Total L-29 production from 1929 through 1931 was 5,014. The original price of this car was $3,095.

Upholstery and interior

Tan pleated broadcloth interior with tan flooring

Wheels and tires

Features the original wheels from 1929


The transmission is shifted through the handle located in the center of the dashboard

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