1909 Zimmerman Model H

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Engine2-cylinder, 127 cubic-inches, 14 HP
Exterior ColorRed and black
Interior ColorBlack

The Zimmerman Company was one of the few auto buggy builders to realize the fate to which Highwheeler was headed. They felt that in order to survive, they needed to offer automobiles with pneumatic tires. In 1910 they introduced a line of four-cylinder cars that were built for them by the Auburn Automobile Company. A Zimmerman Six was added in 1913, as well as subsidiary company which built the de Soto automobile. Unfortunately, none of these measures could save the company. After the deaths of Elias and Franklin Zimmerman, John Zimmerman continued the company until 1915. This runabout has standard size, pneumatic tires, but retains the engine and chassis layout that was common to its highwheel predecessors.

The wheelbase of this two-passenger highwheeler measured 80 inches and it weighs 1,250 lbs.

Paint and exterior

Brass details

Upholstery and interior

Pleated leather


Horizontally opposed air-cooled.

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