1923 Auburn 6-51

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Engine6-cylinder, 196 cubic-inches, 50 HP
Body StyleSedan
Exterior ColorMaroon
Interior ColorMaroon, pleated mohair

This 1923 Auburn 6-51 seven-passenger sedan has a long history. A farmer disapproved of the man his daughter was dating. As an incentive for her to end the relationship, the farmer bought his daughter this new Auburn in exchange for her promise to end the romance. The daughter agreed and received her new Auburn. However, she continued to see the forbidden boyfriend. When the farmer learned of his daughter’s deception, he took the car away from her and put it in his barn. The vehicle remained there for nearly 50 years. Hence this car only has 7,095 miles on its odometer and still has its original interior. Even though 1923 saw improved sales, the Auburn Automobile Company posted a loss of more than $24,000. The car weighs 3,340 and has a wheelbase of 121 inches. The cost of this vehicle when new was $2,475.


Continental, L-head


Rear-wheel mechanical brakes

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