Motorsports insurance options

Off the race track

Non-street legal race cars and motorcycles

Tracking accounts for about 1% of the time you spend with your race vehicle. For the other 99% - when your car is in the trailer, at the shop, in storage and during loading/offloading - we have you covered with our Comprehensive Limited Trailer and Paddock collision policy (LTP). Learn more

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Street legal race cars

Driving your race vehicle on a public road? We can protect street legal race cars and motorcycles with our Liability policy and full Comprehensive/Collision coverage. Learn more

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On the race track

Single event track day insurance

Ready to up your skill level at an HPDE event? Take advantage of our per-event policy, designed to protect your car from physical damage on the track and in the paddock.

  • Get a quote and purchase a policy in 5 minutes, right up to the start of your event
  • Up to three days of coverage for your entire event
  • Towing, car rental and pollutant clean-up included
  • Coverage for competitive and non-competitive time trials available
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Annual non-competition track insurance

For high-value supercars and exotics, this annual coverage allows for unlimited non-competitive track usage.

  • For vehicles valued at $175,000 and higher
  • Go whenever you want; no need to register for each event
  • Low 5% deductible

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Insurance add-ons for your race vehicle

Other motorsports coverage

  • Motorsports Advantage
    $20/per year, cover all the details you don't want to overlook: safety equipment, additional tools and spare parts, debris removal, and more.
  • Trailer coverage
    Trailers need to be protected, too. If you trailer your race car make sure it's properly covered.

These coverages are affordable and easy to add to your policy by calling 877-922-9701

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