Insurance Tips and Resources

Insurance Basics

You love it for road trips, car shows, time spent restoring … owning a special car is definitely a joy ride. Taking the best care of your “fun car” should include knowing how to protect it, too. Checking out these basics will keep you on track.

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Money Matters

Passion brings people and their cars together. You have your own personal reasons for owning your collectible, but the bottom line is it’s an investment – in good times, sure, but also cash. These articles give you the information you need to stay on top of the collectible game.

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The Automotive Lifestyle

Your collectible is more than a mode of transportation – way more. These tips, tricks and insights are tailor-made for car people – those of us who cruise for pleasure, fix-it for the fun and seek automotive adventure.

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Insurance 101

Everyone knows we’re required to purchase auto insurance to drive our cars legally. But that doesn’t mean we can’t wonder where our hard-earned money is going as we sign on the dotted line.