On Board With Hagerty Classic Marine

These fine organizations and clubs exist to bring together enthusiasts in the inspiring world of classic boats - to share ideas, information and create a strong community of classic boaters and supporters of the hobby.

The Antique and Classic Boat Society - International

The largest society in the world dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of historic, antique and classic boats of all types.

The Antique and Classic Boat Society - Toronto

A volunteer organization whose purpose is to protect, preserve and promote the Canadian heritage of vintage watercraft.

The Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club

Dedicated to research, documentation and preservation of all classic Chris-Craft boats.

Lyman Boat Owners Association

The Lyman Boat Owners Association is the oldest Lyman boat enthusiast organization in the U.S. and Canada. The LBOA boasts a membership of over 800 members from across the United States, Canada and parts of Europe.

Century Boat Club

Dedicated to the thoroughbred of boats – Century Boats. The Century Boat Club offers a forum to exchange ideas, ask/offer advice and share experiences with hundreds of other Century boat owners.

The Chris-Craft Commander Club

This virtual club is committed to the preservation, study and appreciation of the classic fiberglass Commander boats built by Chris Craft Corporation.