High performance boat insurance

Your high-performance boat is designed for excitement. With Hagerty and Markel, it’s easy to make sure you have coverage created specifically for you and your boat needs. Designed for boats 26ft and over with watercraft speeds from 65 to 120 mph.

Get coverage for fun times on the water and protection for boat trailers, towing needs and more.

Let’s fix or replace it right

Watercraft and equipment protection pays reasonable costs incurred when trying to protect your high-performance boat from further damage and replacement cost coverage on most partial losses for newer boats.

Get what it’s really worth

We’ll work with you to set an agreed value on your boat. That’s the amount you’ll be paid if you boat is deemed a total loss.*

When your boat needs a tow

If you happen to break down, the program provides coverage for the expenses you incur to tow your boat to the boat repair shop.

Be prepared for bad weather

If there is a named storm, watch or warning the program will share some of the costs of protecting your high-performance boat.

Have a boat under 26 feet in length? Check out the Boat program.

Having your high performance boat properly covered is just the beginning.

Coverage through Hagerty goes even deeper and protects you with help for medical payments and more.

Watercraft liability

Protection if you are responsible for injuries to another person, or damage to their boat or their property.

Pollution liability

This helps to cover reasonable cost and expenses and includes damage to property or cleanup resulting from unintentional spillage of a contaminant.

Medical payments

You’ll get help with necessary medical expenses resulting from an accident causing bodily injury to any person while in, upon boarding, or leaving your insured boat.

Optional high performance boat coverages

  • Boat trailer coverage
  • Boat lift and boat house coverage
  • Trip coverage

Have questions? We are here to help.