Why should you go with hagerty?

Can Specialty Policies Boost Your Business?

Yes! Writing with Hagerty is easier than you think, more importantly, your clients will love you for it. Here’s how writing classic car policies will increase your business:

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Attract the Right Clients

It’s worth it to seek out clients with classics, because a classic car is where the heart is. And if you take care of their ‘baby,’ they’ll trust you with the other things, like their home and regular use vehicles. There’s a good chance they are even a business owner. The average Hagerty client looks like this:

It Pays to Work With the Leader

Once you get them in the door, turn them into loyal clients for life by wowing them with the best. That’s where Hagerty make a difference. We’re the best specialty classic car insurance company by far.

As the global leader in classic car and boat insurance we're bigger than all our competitors combined. Our market share is 54%, while all other specialty carriers share a combined 46%. We have over 400 car guys on call to handle all that business. And we have a retention rate of 90%.

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How Did We Become the Best?

Guaranteed Value

While most cars depreciate, classic cars maintain or go up in value. Our Guaranteed Value covers a classic car’s actual value in the event of a claim. Period.

Expert Claims Handling

Our adjusters receive hands on training in classic car repair, and we even have a parts specialist on staff to find stock original or rare replacement parts.

Low Premiums

Up to 46% lower* average premiums than standard carrier auto insurance policies.

Key Extras

Like emergency roadside assistance, Hagerty classic car magazine, classic car valuation tools, and concierge service formulated especially for classic cars and classic car owners.

Hobby Involvement

We tirelessly protect and promote the hobby with the Historic Vehicle Association, Collectors Foundation and Youth Programs our youth advocacy program. Our clients love us for it.

We Make it Easy

Find easy to understand guidelines online, or live chat with an expert. We get your client on the road and you onto your next piece of business. Here’s how:

  • Our online Agent Business Center makes quoting and managing policies a snap.
  • Policy downloads, client direct billing and renewals and direct deposit of commissions.
  • Our online Valuation Tools help you determine classic car values (and make you look smart to clients).
  • Convenient procedures make it easy to switch existing business to Hagerty.
  • No minimum production quotas to worry about.
  • Marketing assistance to help build your book of business.

*Figure based upon 2012 consumer data collected by Hagerty on single car quotes, with premiums $5000 and under, from several daily driver (or “Everyday”) auto insurance carriers.