1997 Ford Mustang Cobra

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Engine4.6 DOHC 4 Valve V8
Transmission5 speed manual
Exterior ColorBlack
Interior ColorBlack

This is a '97 sn-95. Second year change over with the 4.6L V8. First year being the '96. The Cobra's were outfitted with a 4v per cylinder vs 2 on GT's, higher RPM rev, and Dual Over Head Cam's vs SOHC on GT's. They made about 305 HP new. This car mostly has bolt on components. under drive pulley's, CAI, exhaust, and a Tune to help it manage more air in and out. Nothing all that special but most of the money was spent on full adjustable coilovers and many other stiff assisting upgrades underneath.

Paint and exterior

Black on Black

Upholstery and Interior

Originally black leather

Wheels and tires

FR500 18x9 - 18x10


upgraded pads and rotors

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