1976 Chevrolet Corvette

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Engine350 Chevy Small Block V8
TransmissionTurbo Hydramatic 350 3 Speed
Body Style2dr Coupe
Exterior ColorRed
Interior ColorRed
Title StatusYes

This is my 1976 C3 Corvette Stingray. I know it was the 'dark days of the Corvette' with only 180HP originally, but I still love it. I really enjoy working on it and slowly improving it. It is a 350 small block with a Turbo HydroMatic 350 3 speed automatic. Weiand Stealth intake, Edelbrock 1406 4 bbl carb, an A-Team performance HEI distributor, and tight fit stainless headers with true dual 2.5" exhaust. The A.I.R system and original AC unit was ripped out at some point, but that is fine with me. I am planning to rebuild the motor and install a hydraulic roller cam with new heads to get the compression ratio up to around 9.5 : 1 from the 8.5 : 1 that the current heads produce. I am hoping to someday have this "dark days of the Corvette" C3 to proper Corvette Status and push it up to 350 whp when it is all said and done.

Paint and exterior

Repainted Red, but was originally red from the factory.

Upholstery and Interior

Red leather/pleather

Wheels and tires

C3 Corvette 1969-1982 Rally Wheels: 15x8


4 Disks; Calipers rebuilt

Meyer Freeman's Garage

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