1977 Dodge Aspen

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  • ListedSun, Jan 22
  • LocationPin outlineVilla Rica, GA
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Mileage40,433 Miles
Engine8-cyl. 318cid/145hp 2bbl
Body Style4dr Station Wagon
Exterior ColorBlue
Interior ColorBlue

1977 Dodge Aspen Special Edition · Wagon · Driven 40,200 miles

Completely all original and low original milage of 40,200. Excellent condition. 318 V8 with power steering and operational cruise control and power drivers seat. Runs and drives beautifully.

Car was purchased in PA and driven to GA soon after. Stored in a GA garage from 1978 till about 5 years ago. Located with 1978 tag still on car. Work was completed to make it operational at time of locating. The few small flaws:

New air conditioner compressor installed but there is a Freon leak that needs addressed. The rear hatch window is not working. The radio is not connected to the in dash speaker.

Paint and exterior

Completely Original - No Dings or Scratches

Upholstery and interior

All Original Just Like New


In the last few years driven every two weeks around neighborhood. Been used on three movie sets with each trip about 70 miles round trip of about 7 times.

Wheels and tires

Original wheels and caps.


No change to original other than pads