1970 Ford F250 Camper Special

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  • ListedFri, Nov 25
  • LocationPin outlineMinot, ND
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Mileage55,000 Miles
Engine360-4v runs well; but blows oil out dipstick tube. Appeared to be recently rebuilt when did valve job. Dipstick tube may need replacing; may need new rings. When I removed the dipstick tube to reseal it to the block; it only had about 3/4" going into engine block. Most dipstick tubes I have ever seen went to the bottom of the pan to keep oil from splashing out of them. SO I think that may be the problem with oil coming out of it; BUT cannot guarantee that is the whole problem.
Body Style2 door regular cab 8' box
Exterior ColorWhite
Interior ColorBlack

F250 Camper Special. Used to be green; now white. 360-4v; C6 auto, PS, PB, AC, Dual fuel tanks, original working AM radio (not hooked up), Modern Radio/CD player with Back Up Camera. Some body damage LF fender & door from tire coming apart. Recent: New dual ex; radiator, valve job, brakes. Has trailer brake controller. Runs and drives well; but pushes oil out dipstick tube. I don't know if excessive pressure in crankcase or dipstick tube broke off in oil pan - when I took it out to reseal it to block; it only went in block 1". When did valve job; engine looked recently rebuilt .030" over pistons but they did poor job on valves. New tires on front; very good on back. Interior near perfect. Carpets look original and are in great shape other than some sun fading. Contact me for more info. dcas@srt.com or www.dancaswellcollectibles.com

Paint and exterior

See above description. I have towed my car trailer with the Bobcat skid loader on it to our Museum many many times. I have bought a "new" pickup now; a 1974 Dodge D200 - also a 360/at regular 2 door cab, 8' box with same options as Ford.

Upholstery and interior

Completely original other than added aftermarket Blue Tooth radio / CD player / Back Up Camera.


Original Engine: Yes

360-4v with chrome dress up kit. See above for possible engine problem; or maybe only need to pull oil pan and put in new dipstick tube.


I have no idea of mileage. Undercarriage, suspension, seat interior & carpets all say low miles; but engine was rebuilt with .030" over pistons prior to my owning. May be first time around; I doubt it. Could be a couple hundred thousand more??

Wheels and tires

Original size tires; new front, excellent rears, on aftermarket aluminum wheels


Brakes original but all new parts - wheel cylinders, shoes, etc. in last couple years.


C6 Ford auto, works well, bands adjusted and fluid changed recently.



As Is, where is. I would trust to drive most anywhere; so long as you keep the oil full!