1977 Triumph TR7

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  • ListedFri, Feb 10
  • LocationPin outlineBloomington, IL

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Mileage87,994 Miles
Engine4-cyl. 1998cc/105hp 2x1bbl
Body Style2dr Coupe
Exterior ColorTwo tone blue
Interior ColorTan cloth

The TR7 was sold along side of the TR6 and would eventually be the replacement for the TR6. With its new shape it was not greeted with much enthusiasm. After BL worked out most of the bugs in the TR7 it proved to be a competent vehicle and won many racing campaigns.

The vehicle is the base couple or fixed head coupe. I purchase the car from Webb Motors in Roanoke VA in 2015. I believe that this car was driven by the owner of Webb Motors until it become difficult for him to get into it.

The engine is a 2 liter overhead cam with twin carburetors and 5 speed transmission. It also has air conditioning and a radio. I have driven this car to several events and it will keep up with interstate traffic. I have never experienced any overheating issues.

Paint and exterior

The original owner painted the car to his liking. Light blue over dark blue with red accents at the grille and side vents. He also painted the bumpers blue. The interior is tan cloth but the door cards have faded to more of a gray color. The dash is fine with no cracks and all of the instruments work as they should. The radio works but not sure about the cassette deck. All of the lighting works. The A/C compressor kicks in but there is not a lot of cold being supplied to the cabin.

Upholstery and interior

The interior is in fairly good condition with the seats showing wear from getting in and out of the vehicle. The carpet is showing its age especially on the drivers side.


I have used this car in the summer and fall for the last 7 or 8 years only putting on a few miles. The previous owner did not provide any mileage documentation and the VIN is too old for Car Fax. From the condition of the car the mileage may be close to original but true mileage is unknown.

Wheels and tires

The wheels appear to be factory originals. The tires have been on the car for at least the last 8 years, so it may be time to replace them.


Standard brakes from the factory with disc up front and drums in the rear. I have not inspected them recently but they do seem to working as they should.


The transmission is a 5 speed as was used in the Rover. It shifts wells and I have not noted any problems with it.

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