1967 Pontiac GTO

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Engine8-cyl. 400cid/255hp 2bbl
Body Style2dr Hardtop Coupe
Exterior ColorRed
Interior ColorBlack

1967 was the first year for the potent 400cid engine. The concept behind the GTO — and all other muscle cars — was to take an intermediate-size body, stuff a large V-8 in it, beef up the suspension and be ready for street or strip. Most people credit the GTO with being the first of many muscle cars when it came out in 1964. The brainchild of Pontiac Division General Manager John Z. DeLorean and marketing man Jim Wangers, the GTO began as an option package for the Pontiac LeMans.

By 1966, the GTO was a model in its own right and packed a potent 389cid V-8 in both four-barrel and Tri-Power, with outputs of up to 348 hp. Minor visual changes appeared for 1965, with the main difference being the stacked headlamps, with more on the way for 1966. But in 1967, subtle changes made a big difference in the GTO’s appearance. The headlamps were still stacked, but the grille was aggressive and unmistakably Pontiac, while the waist of the car showed a bit of tapering.

Although subtly different in appearance, the biggest difference for the 1967 GTO was under the hood, where a big 400cc engine replaced the 389cc powerplant. Fitted with a four-barrel carburetor, horsepower was rated at 335hp. It was also possible to select a 255hp “economy” engine or go in the other direction with a Ram Air-equipped 400 that yielded 360 horsepower at 5,600 rpm. Transmission choices were a four-speed manual on the floor, or a three-speed automatic, with which this car is equipped. With the base engine and either transmission, the ’67 GTO is one seriously quick car.

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