1960 Plymouth Fury

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EnginePoly 318 cubic inch overhead valve V8, two-barrel carburetor, 230 horsepower
Body Style2dr Convertible
Exterior ColorBlack
Interior ColorRed

The Fury was Plymouth’s luxury line for 1960 and it was all about the details and the options. It featured a deeply contoured effect on the doors, embossing on the upholstery and new molded carpeting. Seat-color choices included blue, green, red, caramel and turquoise. The fins started farther back than the year before and the headlight eyebrow trim curved around the side of the fender and above the wheel arch. Never wanting you to forget what car you were in, “Plymouth” crests could be found in the front-door panels and “Fury” was scripted on both sides of the car, just beyond the front wheel wells.

Listed at a base price of $3,630 (and almost $4,500 when all options were added), the production run of the 1960 Fury reached over 7,000. Engine choices ranged from the 225 cubic inch slant-six 145 horsepower to the 383 cubic inch “Sonoramic Commando” V8 330 horsepower and transmissions were limited to a three-speed manual or an automatic.

This car was hit hard by 2012’s Hurricane Sandy. Floodwater came as far up as the bottom of the dash and immersed the engine. This particular model adds unique challenges to a rebuild because it’s a “unit body” car that’s welded together as one piece, instead of a “bridge” car that consists of a separate frame and body.

This Plymouth Fury convertible, white with a red interior and a black top, was a highly optioned car that included power windows, power seats (unheard of for this era) and a power top. Restoration of the Fury has yet to begin.

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