1967 Sunbeam Tiger Mark II

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Engine289 cubic inch Ford V8, 200 horsepower
Exterior ColorRed and White
Interior ColorBlack

The Rootes Group, a respected player in the foreign car arena in the ’60s, was looking to get into the performance market and attract younger Americans to their offerings. Enter the Sunbeam Tiger— a small, light British sports car with American V8 power. The 1962 Shelby Cobra was the inspiration for the Sunbeam Tiger and the Cobra’s father, Carroll Shelby, was even involved in the Tiger’s development. So, not surprisingly, the Tiger (like the Cobra) featured a Ford small-block V8 engine.

The vast majority of Tigers were either Mark I’s or Mark IA’s and both used the 260 cubic inch version of the Ford V8. However, the Mark II, offered at a base price of $3,634 new, included the 289 cubic inch Ford V8, a more powerful version of the American engine.

Between 1964 and 1967, just over 7,000 Tigers were built, and only 532 were ’67 Mark II’s—making them the rarest and most valuable.

The previous owner of this Mark II purchased the car in 1980. Prior to his ownership, it had been in a front-end collision and was improperly repaired. He drove the Tiger for a few more years but the car eventually began to break down, as a result of the shoddy repair. Needing extensive frame work, the car instead spent 28 years on cinder blocks under a tarp in his driveway. Hagerty purchased it in 2014 for an employee restoration project. This vehicle will undergo a complete nut-and-bolt restoration to bring it back to perfect original condition.

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